a love letter for tough times

This is not a test.

You are not being tested.

No one is keeping score.

You are the expert and the architect;
a loving co-collaborator with the Divine
in a breathtaking play in which you are the star.

You’re head writer, producer, backer and director.
You cry at the sad parts and cheer with the audience
whenever you walk on stage.

Each morning, you oversee character development,
you consider and deliver the punchlines,
you get all the jokes.

You embrace feedback and revel in rewrites.

You scribble down plot twists on the back of your hand because you intimately understand that your character is shaped through adversity, and you thrive the most when you’re wide awake.

This is simply one moment among many in your life’s best work.

Live it like you own it.
Live it like you love it.
Love it with every breath.

This is not a test.

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