S1:E3 “Moonlight,” Corporeal Clamor.

S1:E2 “The Introvert’s Guide to Impeachment,” Corporeal Clamor.

S1: E1 “Lock Her Up, Corporeal Clamor.

These Days, Corporeal Clamor.

You are the Rest of Us, Corporeal Clamor.

Over Everything, Corporeal Clamor.

Test Tank, Corporeal Clamor.

You say, write something hopeful, Corporeal Clamor.

Make a little birdhouse in your soul, essay and featured column, Corporeal Clamor.

You Can Do Anything, essay and featured column, Corporeal Clamor (Corporeal Writing).

Still Gonna Do (#ShePersisted), The Manifest-Station.

The Right to Bare Arms, ENTROPY Magazine.


About Leigh Hopkins

Leigh-Hopkins-2017-midLeigh Hopkins 
is a writer, speaker, and educator. In 2010, she left a career in social policy and education reform to move to Brazil. There, she launched a retreat center and founded Viva Institute by rigging a satellite dish to a boulder in a banana field.

You can read Leigh’s monthly column, “Secret Circus,” on bestselling-author Lidia Yuknavitch’s site, Corporeal Writing. Her essays have been published in Elephant Journal, ENTROPY Magazine, The Manifest-Station, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Viva Institute, and at LeighHereNow. Leigh lives in Philadelphia with her wife, a painter, and their jittery Jack Russell Terrier.

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