“Sometimes telling the story is the thing that saves your life.”

– Lidia Yuknavitch

Corporeal Writing: “Epistemologies”

WORKSHOP VIDEOS: Lidia Yuknavitch  


WHERE: Online for 6-weeks

WHEN: May 16, 2020

COST: $400

Epistemology is simply The Study of Knowledge, but that study has historically left bodies out. We think writing and literature is a place where we can insist our bodies have a POV, just as writers such as Leslie Marmon Silko, Duras, Acker, Whitman, Colette, Lispector & Irigaray have done.  In this workshop, we will contemplate creative writing techniques and structures that innovates, invents and performs the ways in which the body is an epistemological site—a site where all human meaning is made and unmade. A made again. Anew.

Week 1: The Body as an Epistemological Site, part 2.

Week 2: Disrupting Dualisms

Week 3: Perceiving Perception

Week 4: Ignorance: Unlearning Bliss

Week 5: Corporeal Languages

Week 6: Corporeal Structures

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Corporeal Writing: “Metamorphoses: New Forms from the Body and Language”



WHERE: Online for 6-weeks in a rich interactive platform

WHEN: Fall 2020

COST: $350

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HOW: Each week has a pre-recorded video lesson from Lidia Yuknavitch for you to watch on your own time, as well as a written summary of the video, and a prompt. You post your response to the prompt (between 500-1500 words) by the end of the week for leader and peer collaboration. You will have continuous interaction and conversations online with Leigh, and she will provide feedback on your work at least 3 times. She is available for video conference calls upon request.  

ABOUT THE CLASS: Metamorphoses is a six week online workshop unlike anything you’ve ever done before. As part 1 in a 3 part series, think of it as an introduction to Lidia Yuknavitch’s Corporeal Writing. Dare to write differently. Open to new forms and meanings. Change your writing and the world.

PARTICIPANT EXPECTATION: You are expected to give feedback, which we provide a how-to-guide for, to at least two other writers’ work every week. This is important and a commitment we ask you to take seriously.  

AND: To learn more about the specifics of the workshop, click HERE. These workshops fill FAST. If the workshop you want is full, sign up for the waiting-list. 

Week 1: The Body as an Epistemological Site.

Week 2: Liminal Experiences: Sex, Death, Joy, Fear.

Week 3: Deforming Prior Forms.

Week 4: Self as Sediment vs. Self as Center.

Week 5: The micro, The macro; From Personal to Social.

Week 6: Environmental Subjectivity. 

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Mt. Airy Learning Tree: “Transformative Storytelling”

In many cultures, the Cantadora was the “keeper of stories,” the revered position as the woman who heard and remembered the community’s stories. Throughout history, storytelling has been a way to teach and entertain long before written language. Stories shape our plans, inspire us to create new adventures, to survive, grow, and create a new mythology. Listen to examples of oral storytelling, receive weekly writing prompts, and rework and rehearse one story to share at the end of class. This course is available to writers and storytellers of all levels. Register at Mt. Airy Learning Tree.

Mt. Airy Learning Tree: “The Illuminated Narrator”

Revisit significant life events and give them new meaning. Explore storytelling methods from many cultures, receive weekly writing prompts, and identify the ongoing threads in your personal narratives. Discover the transformative nature of reclaiming your life’s most meaningful stories. This is for writers of all levels who are interested in writing creative nonfiction, short stories or memoir. Consider bringing any of the following: a story that your family tells about you; a life event that was difficult; a story about loss; a story that you’re proud of; or a family story that has been passed down for generations.  Register at Mt. Airy Learning Tree.

Contact registration@corporealwriting.com.

Sedona Arts Center: The Illuminated Narrator

“I’d studied with Leigh before and found her as kind and compassionate as she is industrious, witty, and gifted at bringing out the best in everyone around her. Interesting, thoughtfully-planned lessons led to assignments that hardly felt like work at all. As I participated, it was fascinating to discover not only that my story had a way of telling itself and I was just its ‘keeper,’ but that my voice seemed to simply be awaiting my call for it to venture out. I was truly surprised at just how uplifted and inspired I felt receiving the positive, helpful comments and feedback – and respond with a very heartfelt thank you.” Kelly, Minnesota

Transformative Storytelling is offered online and in person in rotating locations around the United States. Join Leigh’s mailing list to find out about upcoming events.