when people ask me

How do you do it?
how do you
again, and
do it

I tell them honestly: I don’t know.

There’s the temptation
to throw out the baby
pull the drain on the tub
and let the water
run free.

What I do know is what I kept:

and its sloppy lover, exhilaration.

And peonies –
can you ever get enough?
how tightly they guard
their dark buds
before bursting open
and spilling across the table
in a gorgeous confusion of
the softest pink.

In the very least, I have always counted on this.

3 Replies to “when people ask me”

  1. Being present, able to focus on and appreciate the small details, and letting the future take care of itself, allows us to take another step forward. Having others for support provides immeasurable help as well. We never walk alone. ❤

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