Issue 9: The Waves Hear Every Promise You’ve Made | Help the Shoots Grow, Pull Them | Connective Tissue

It was barely a fraction of a second, but a fear had gotten through—something primal and wild.

Welcome to Khôra, a dynamic online arts space produced in collaboration with Lidia Yuknavitch’s Corporeal Writing. Visit our Archive to read previous issues.

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In Issue 9, Khôra is back with a brilliant new team of four writers and four artists. This collaborative team of eight will work together on Issues 9 – 12, and we’re excited for you to meet them.

Issue 9’s featured writer is Chloe Clark, the author of Collective Gravities, Your Strange Fortune, and more. Her forthcoming books include Escaping the Body and Every Song a Vengeance. In The Waves Hear Every Promise You’ve Made, a renowned limnologist is called to investigate a strange occurrence at a lake from her past:

“Someone found a pile of bones washed ashore. Like a whole pile. Some animal bones, maybe some human.”

Chloe Clark’s artful, eerie short story is paired with two of her own photographs of Lake Superior.

Featured artist Colleen Keefe (they/them) is a visual artist, writer and curator based in Philadelphia. Keefe says of their current body of work: “For a long time my work has explored methods for breeding urban environments using organic models—multicellular organisms’ reproductive and propulsion strategies, pollination methods employed by plants, or stellar birth…more recently I’ve been experimenting with gestural work and writing. Untitled 2020.1 is part of a series of smaller gestural, meditative works on Yupo paper.”

In addition to their studio practice, Keefe has been curating since 1995—first, as co-director of 57 Hope in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY (1995-2001)—and currently as co-director of Mount Airy Contemporary (2009-present).

It’s exciting to watch an issue come together, and in this one, I was taken surprise by the synergy of several distinct meditations on the stars. If you love what you’re reading and seeing, please share, tweet, retweet, comment, and post. Khôra will be back with a new issue next month.


Leigh Hopkins
and the Corporeal/Khôra squad

Issue 9 Highlights

The Waves Hear Every Promise You’ve Made by Featured Writer Chloe Clark

“The stretch of road that snakes between land and Lake Superior was always shifting between sight and secrets—that’s how Kara’s son had described it, when he was young, on one of their long drives up to the cabin, and it had stuck in her head ever since. She thought of it again as she broke free from the darkness of a tunnel and the lake was suddenly there beside her. It shimmered under the sun, all light and vastness…”

Read The Waves Hear Every Promise You’ve Made.

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