Flip the Vote! (how you can help)

Midterm elections are 9 days away, and there are at least 79 U.S. House battleground seats and 31 races that are still too close to call. In some races, the margin is less than 1%, and it’s changing all the time. (As an example, look at the WA-08 race below.) On November 6, Democrats will need to gain just 23 Republican House seats to win the majority.

Can we do it?

According to a 100-year historical analysis of House elections, the Democratic Party is well-positioned to gain these seats. From 1918 to 2016, the president’s party lost an average of 29 seats in midterm elections. Democrats need 23 seats.

Do this today.

If you want to make an immediate impact today, do any of the following:

  1. Donate to the campaigns. During these final days, your contributions will pay for more airtime for candidates, which helps to reinforce and mobilize the base while giving undecided voters another look. I recommend prioritizing the candidates marked with the greatest urgency (!!!!!!) on this spreadsheet (made by my fantastically brilliant wife).
  2. Share social media links from the website of the candidates in the closest races, especially those marked with the greatest urgency (!!!!!!) on this spreadsheet.
  3. Get informed. Who represents you in Congress? If you’re not sure who’s up for election, enter your zip code here to find out.

Who are the candidates?

Coming up next. (P.S. many of them are women, people of color, veterans,  civil rights lawyers, Rhodes scholars, teachers, pediatricians … )

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