Issue 2 and Post-Election Solidarity Hour

Welcome to Issue 2! If you’re new here, in September 2020Khôra entered the global literary village on the back of a glittery wave. Thank you for the spectacularly supportive welcome. We love you, too.

Everyone we know is vibrating with ten thousand emotions—fluctuating between doom-scrolling, activism, carefully moderated H-O-P-E, and preemptive despair. We hope that this month’s issue will fill you with writing and works of art that reach some of the places that need tending.

Let’s jump in.

We’re thrilled to share that this month’s featured writer is the brilliant, brave-hearted Megan Stielstra. Megan is a beloved award-winning essayist and the author of three collections: The Wrong Way To Save Your LifeOnce I Was Cool, and Everyone Remain Calm. She is currently a 2020 Shearing Fellow at the Black Mountain Institute in Las Vegas…and that’s where Megan will be calling in from when she joins us as a reader for our Khôra Launch Party & Solidarity Hour on November 6 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET.

If you’re a subscriber, you’ll receive a Zoom link on the morning of the event. Save the date. We can’t wait to see you!

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With our galactic gratitude,

Leigh Hopkins and the Corporeal Writing Squad

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Issue 2 Highlights

In every issue of Khôra, we feature the work of a curated team of four writers and four artists. This team will change every four months. In addition, we feature the work of one groundbreaking writer and one visual artist.

Here’s what we’re excited about in Issue 2:

5:45 by Megan Stielstra

“The lockdown started eight months ago but a hundred years have passed since then or maybe just snap your fingers. I’m forty-five years old in my mother’s basement in Michigan and thirty-three years old giving birth in a blizzard in Chicago and thirty-one years old getting married on a beach at sunset and twenty-eight years old falling in love and twenty-two years old falling in love…”

Read 5:45.

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