Method 29: Symbolic Reclamations

Today’s method is a hopeful one! Sometimes it’s called “Planting in Protest.” When public land has been seized or neglected, protestors plant trees, seeds, or plants in places where the existing or future policies are a threat to the environmental health of that area.

In Africa, eleven countries are building a “Great Green Wall” from east to west coast to reverse desertification.

After Trump withdrew the US from the Paris Agreement, a New Zealand group called Trump Forest began accepting pledges to plant trees, because every tree helps to reduce carbon from the atmosphere. To date, Trump Forest has planted over 500,000 trees and has collected pledges from more than 100 countries. Author Margaret Atwood is a supporter.

Neighbors in British Colombia, Canada formed an organization called PIPE UP to restore the local ecosystem after the construction of a pipeline.

An NGO in Costa Rica called “Community Carbon Trees” is working with rural community members to reforest portions of the rainforest with indigenous trees. “Our goal is to get as many hands on desk as we can, because we really do have a solution to the problem.

Across North America and parts of Europe, people are fed up with their complaints about neglected roads going unanswered. To get the attention of local municipalities, they fill street potholes with potting soil and flowers. Here’s are a few shots from Portland, Oregon – because Portlanders.

A Great Green Wall?

Spring’s just around the corner…

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