Text banking and kitten rescue

So far today I voted and rescued a lost kitten, so I’m living up to my “irritating liberal” reputation. After text banking about 7,000 people in CA, NJ, AZ and NV, I’ve learned that’s what I am – one of those annoying liberals.

I’ve also come across people who are excited and grateful for the voting information. Some people needed rides to the polls – a state away. One woman responded that this was her brother’s phone and he’s actually been disowned by the family for drinking “endless amounts of beer” and smoking meat all day on his Traeger grill, but she voted and doesn’t drink beer or smoke meat. A woman in NJ asked if I’d report voter fraud after being sent to two different polling places. Some people said they’re not voting. Another guy sees dead people and asked if I could help. A lot of people are sick of getting texts, and the way they let me know told me a lot about where they are. I put a random sample of the responses I’ve received on Instagram.

It’s been pouring all day in Philly and across the country, but voters are still turning up in huge numbers, so I’ve got to get back to text banking before the polls close. Whatever happens tomorrow, you can count on me for somewhat balanced, consistently positive content and another 186 steps from the blueprint to fix this.

The only way is forward.


If you haven’t voted yet, there’s still plenty of time. Find your polling place at vote.org or call 1-866-OUR-VOTE to talk to a real live human.

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