Text Banking Party

If you’re around today, join my virtual text-banking party! I planned on doing door-to-door canvassing, but I threw out my back, so this is couch-based activism. NextGen America makes it incredibly easy – I just texted 500 people in PA about where to find their polling place on Tuesday. There’s a script and a one-click solution for people who asked to be removed from the list, and it was a fun and easy way to help to get out the vote!

Join the party here.

My Slack handle is LH, so feel free to say hi.

Text the Vote

Text the Vote reaches unregistered Millennial voters, and in the states below, the deadline is November 6. Contacting people so close to the deadline increases the effectiveness, as data shows most unregistered voters don’t get registered until the last minute.

Maine ◆ Wisconsin ◆ Nebraska ◆ Wyoming ◆ Colorado ◆ Montana ◆ Washington ◆ Vermont ◆ New Hampshire ◆ South Dakota

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