“Test Tank” (New Short Fiction)

My most recent short fiction piece, “Test Tank” is up at Corporeal Writing. Read an excerpt below, or read the full essay here. 

Coming in July: If you’re a writer of any kind and you’re looking for community and feedback on your writing, join the newest section of my online writing workshop at Viva Institute. Class begins July 17.


 Excerpt: “Test Tank”



“I missed my deadline.” It’s the first thought.


“Hey.” The sound is thick. “Welcome back.”




“How are you feeling?”


I missed my deadline. Again.


“Can you tell me your name?”


Ocean glass. Blue-green.


“I know it’s difficult, but can you wiggle the finger on your left hand?”




“Great,” you say. “You’re doing really great.” Warm and soft, the way I love. “Now can you tell me how you feel?”


“Like the ocean,” I murmur. “Without the waves.” I stretch my left arm and flex the fingers, swirling. I stretch the right, but it’s all wrong. Stretch left, stretch right – nothing. “Something’s wrong.”


The scrape of a chair. “Naia, listen. There’s not much time before we need to send you back, so I’m going to explain quickly, OK?”




“There’s been an accident.” You clear your throat and start again. “You were in an accident, but you’re going to be OK.”


“Back where?” I reach again, but everything is ocean. “Why can’t I see?”


“It’s part of the process. Just one of the stages of regeneration.”


I wince. From somewhere deep.


Thirty seconds, says a voice. [Read “Test Tank” here.]



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