Still Gonna Do (#ShePersisted)

My most recent essay, Still Gonna Do (#She Persisted) was just published at The Manifest-Station. Here’s an excerpt:

“White House staff visited our programs and invited us to Washington. When it came time for the final interview that we hoped would lead to funding, I spouted literacy and poverty statistics while stressing the need for the separation of church and state. I emphasized the importance of program quality, replicability and scale. After two hours of questioning, they began to wrap things up.

“One last question,” said the man from the White House. “Is there anything about you that could be potentially embarrassing to the President?”

I squinched my eyebrows. Refocused my attention on the American flag waving at me from his lapel. “Other than being a lesbian Democrat running a faith-based initiative for the Bush White House, I can’t think of anything…” [read the full essay on The Manifest-Station]


The Right to Bare Arms, ENTROPY Magazine.

Still Gonna Do (#ShePersisted), The Manifest-Station.

COMING FRIDAY! My new monthly column “Secret Circus” will be published on 2nd Fridays at author Lidia Yuknavitch’s Corporeal Writing.


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One Reply to “Still Gonna Do (#ShePersisted)”

  1. Very nice essay! You have such a way with words, weaving threads together in a thoughtful, loving pattern and revealing deeper truths and understandings.

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