Postage from Alaskat / A Card for Humanity


I received this postcard from AlasKat almost a year ago, and I loved it so much I used it as a bookmark. A few weeks ago, it reappeared in a stack of my many books, along with more postcards and letters from blog readers. Thank you – I’ll be posting those soon!

To AlasKat in Arizona – a garden of gratitude for the timelessness of this message.


Ask Yourself:

“Is this in the best interest of Community?”

If we feel we don’t have the energy to do it – we don’t.

If we begin & trust & ask … Help will arrive.

And who knows what unexpected beauty & dreams they will bring?

Inexhaustible resources & energy wellsprings exist, when intent is grounded in LOVE.


Tend the Garden.

Starting soon…

Online Writing Workshop: Transformative Storytelling

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