Postage from Lori Anne

Since 30,000 BC the first of our kind reached out to communicate to whomever came after by drawing on the walls of a cave.

Maybe they were drawing to speak to themselves, to understand their own evidence better, but others followed.

Since the beginning, there was the word, and our need to connect to one another. For some reason, it was not enough to simply exist side by side. We needed more. To exchange thoughts, feelings, stories, to share ourselves in this way…

(Read the entire letter above.)

Listen to my response to Lori Anne’s letter, below.

Visit the comment section below to learn more about “Canon for Lori Anne.”


5 Replies to “Postage from Lori Anne”

  1. True story: Lori Anne’s beautiful package took me an entire week to open! There were many pieces, and each one told a story. I’ve included some of the images above.

    The melody, “Canon for Lori Anne,” literally came to me as I was carrying Lori’s package into the house. It just floated in, and it wouldn’t leave. I didn’t know what was inside Lori’s package, but the song continued to play throughout the week.

    Finally, I used a composing program called “Score Cloud” to put the music down. But what did it mean?

    When I looked at the drawing of Lori’s hand, which included words from the ancient Druid tradition “Oghama,” they fit perfectly with the tune. Aha!

    Harp music seemed right for a canon…and this is as close as I could get.

    Words and music by two friends, who reached across the miles.

    I’m unreasonably grateful, dear friend.

  2. Astonishing. Beautiful. Perfect. I will have this played when I leave this world. I will have it played when I enter it again. Maybe that’s where it came from? You remembered it, and brought it to me so I could remember too. Thank you Leigh. Thank you.

    1. Yes, I think maybe you’re right ( re: “Maybe that’s where it came from?”). Now I’ll never forget it – the tune doesn’t seem to let go once you’ve heard it!

      It was wonderful collaborating with you. Thank YOU. We’ll do it again.

  3. Thank you both! All of your words and music and love and teachings have enriched my life immeasurably. My sincere admiration and appreciation for you both. ❤

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