Postage from Anon.

Dear Anon: We are on Earth, and the Earth is just one planet in the galaxies. You could compare that to an ant on the patio in this backy-the ant doesn’t know that there’s more than the patio here. He just keeps walking. He doesn’t know he-there’s-he’s just part of a hu-of lots of worlds, and the human race is sort of like that. They-after they’ve discovered what’s up there, they know they’re only a little part of the huge galaxy. I think there probably are many different kinds of lifeforms, cells and organisms. Some may not be visible, some may not have been discovered, and some may be on places we can’t go. And they all might have the same perspective that we do on this, that there might be others, and that maybe they can find them someday, but at the moment, they don’t know. You never know for sure if there is anything in the search. It’s just-it’s an endless quest without knowing what your quest is…it’s just very complicated because you have no proof that there’s anything out there. The only proof is yourself and where you are in the Universe, and you can only make theories. You can never know the truth. That’s one of the hardest questions there is. I would say what the meaning of your life is is what you make it. What you think, what you want your life to be. Nobody can decide what you will do except for you.


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