Postage from Susan

LEIGH: First, I need to tell you how much I loved your Postage package!

SUSAN: I’m so glad! I could have spent days trying to postpone it – but only because the recipient was so important to me.

LEIGH: Likewise, Susie.

SUSAN: I got over it because I reassured myself that part of my own personal process is about doing what brings me joy and no longer requiring validation, which is why I doodled that quote.

LEIGH: And I loved it so much that I put it at the top of this post. It’s such a powerful quote, made even better by your lettering.

SUSAN: I sent you some doodles that made me smile. They were created during moments of peace, something that is giving me a happier outlook on life.

LEIGH: This is something you and I have talked about a lot over the years. But before we get into that, hang on – I’ve got some brownies about to come out of the oven.

SUSAN: Are you kidding me?! You made brownies?

LEIGH: Of course! I mean, sort of. This is a virtual conversation, after all. In full disclosure to our audience, I should be honest –

SUSAN: That’s really nice of you. You’re really nice.

LEIGH: (laughs) You know how I feel about that word.

SUSAN: Yeah, I know. So you were saying?

LEIGH: Right. In the interest of full disclosure, the transcript of this virtual conversation is based on 1) the card you included in your package, much of which is quoted here 2) parts of our phone calls and 3) a whole lot of text messages over the past few months.

SUSAN: That’s correct.

LEIGH: So what I’m saying is if I want to bake you a pan of melty, fudgy brownies while we talk, we can do that.

SUSAN: Can we eat them on the steps of Sacré Cœur?

LEIGH: Can you imagine?

SUSAN: I can.

LEIGH: That would be crazy! But then of my brain immediately thinks of all the fossil fuels we’d need to burn to get there, which ruins it. We should just eat here.

SUSAN: Fine. So the reason I sent you all of those doodles is because I hope that you can find a similar peace with this ODDLY heavy decision to leave Facebook. It seems like such an easy choice, but being able to do it and be successful in doing it meant that I had to re-examine my priorities, and put myself in a much healthier headspace.

LEIGH: What I loved the most about what happened once you quit is that you started doodling.

SUSAN: I did! I’m a graphic designer, and once I quit social media I needed something to keep my hands busy, so I started doodling again. At first, they were just little doodles on scraps of paper, and then I started making cards for my kids’ lunch boxes. I made a few for my friends – just little business card sized quotes to cheer them up – and suddenly everyone was asking for them!

LEIGH: When you told me that, I almost cried. That’s just the coolest outcome! Since that time you started a new website, and there’s been a surge of interest in your custom lettering and design.

SUSAN: I know, I never expected that! I make art because I love it, but also because it makes people so happy. So much of my creative energy was taken up by social media, and now I’m full of ideas that I channel into my designs. This way is so much better for me.

LEIGH: Better how?

SUSAN: I experience every moment to the fullest. I’m just more present to the people in my life and the world around me. YOU taught me that – even from the dark place you were in.

LEIGH: I had a rough couple of years there, as you know.

SUSAN: I know. And I really hope to be a part of this next journey for you – and you for me. By the way, are you getting any kickbacks from the US Postal Service for this project?

LEIGH: Are you kidding? The postmaster at my local post office wouldn’t even send me a pre-stamped postcard, because government employees aren’t allowed to do that. What’s the world coming to?

SUSAN: Figures. Anyway, we already have all we need. You know that.

LEIGH: We do, but it’s a lot better with friends.

SUSAN: Fierce lady friendships are the best.

LEIGH: You know I’d defend you to the end of the earth!

SUSAN: And you know I think you deserve the world. Happy International Women’s Day, Leigh.

LEIGH: You too, Susie. Now pass the brownies.


Send YOUR Postage to:

PO Box 27771
Philadelphia, PA
19118, USA


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